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Secure Your Cholinesterase Baseline Screening Appointment!

Have you arranged your cholinesterase baseline screening yet? If not, time is of the essence, and procrastination could put your health at risk. Also, if you've been spraying already, you can get what is called a working baseline, in which case, we will report the number of hours you've already sprayed this season.
Since everyone starts at different level, it is essential to know where your cholinesterase level is at the beginning of the season. This level (baseline) helps providers determine later on if cholinesterase depression is to blame for a series of symptoms, from minor gastrointestinal issues to nervous system issues.
If your job exposes you to cholinesterase-inhibiting substances, scheduling a baseline or working baseline screening is crucial. Take charge of your health today by scheduling your screening with us at 509-575-3677. 

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