About Our Providers

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Cari Cowin- Remington ARNP

In addition to being one of our talented ARNPs since 2009, Cari became co-owner of Worker Care in 2014 (along with Julie Palmandez and TH Palmatier).  In addition to her busy schedule in Yakima, Toppenish and Sunnyside, she is active in Boy Scouts, the Yakima Valley Nurse Practitioner Association, and Fort Simcoe Job Corps.

William J Spann, MD

Dr. Spann has been with us since 2009. From the Tri-Cities area, he was the primary provider in our (now closed) Pasco clinic until late 2017. Since then, he has been providing medical services in the Sunnyside clinic and consultations and closing and rating exams in our Yakima clinic. We benefit regularly from his 30+ years of experience and long-standing service! We are also grateful for the service he provided our country in the Army before going to college.

Irma Mejia, ARNP

Since 2013, Irma has been working part-time in our Sunnyside clinic as a talented ARNP. She grew up in Sunnyside (ask her about her asparagus side-hustle), which means she knows how to care for her community.  She is also bilingual (English/Spanish), which is another of the reasons she is a wonderful addition to our Sunnyside team!

Ted Palmatier, MD

After years of working in the Emergency Department of a local hospital, Dr. Palmatier decided to try his hand at occupational medicine. When he determined he had a strong plan for developing a freestanding occupational medicine clinic, Dr. Palmatier opened Yakima Worker Care in November of 2003. In 2014, he entered into a business partnership with Julie Palmandez and Cari Cowin so that he could work his way into retirement. Dr. Palmatier remains active today as an advisor and the clinic’s Medical Review Officer (MRO). We are grateful for the service he provided our country in the Navy before coming to live in Washington State.

Kimberly Shipley, DNP

Dr. Shipley hails from an extensive background working as an RN, which she used to complete her doctorate of nursing practice from WSU. A long-time local of the Yakima Valley, Kimberly, although very grounded, is a fervent fan of Disney. Kim has been with Worker Care since 2017. Although she has her largest panel in Yakima, Dr. Shipley can also be spotted in the Toppenish and Sunnyside clinics.

Duane Frazier, PA-C

With us since 2014, Duane worked as the primary healthcare provider in our Sunnyside clinic for about 3 years, and is now a member of our provider team in Yakima. Duane boasts over 21 years’ experience as a PA, and 15 years of experience in the medical field prior to that. We are grateful for the service he provided our country in the Air Force.