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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a nasty little virus that is messing up people’s lives--globally. It has slowed down everyone--work, school, shopping--and everyone can think of at least one person who has had tragic outcomes as a result of this pandemic.


Because we want to keep you and ourselves healthy, we have been practicing the “usual” safeguards, such as:

  1. Requiring the use of masks inside our clinics;

  2. Cleaning (even more than usual) common areas, frequently touched surfaces;

  3. Increasing the frequency of handwashing and use of hand sanitizer; and

  4. Screening our visitors and staff for suspicious symptoms, including temperature checks.


(For some tips on how you can protect your home from this nasty, check out our blog here.)


Beyond the “usuals,” Worker Care also offers telemedicine for those who suspect they are sick or even those who don’t want to risk it (telemedicine information can be found here). We can even help open work-related COVID claims. 


Apart from that, we also offer two types of testing: antibody and virus.


The first test (antibody) we are offering is a finger-poke test.  The kit comes with a couple of lancets to poke your finger, the card to put your blood on, instructions and packaging to send to the lab (overnight shipping included).  This is an antibody test, which tests for IGA, IGM, and IGG. The IGA antibodies are detectable about 2-3 days after exposure, IGM 5-7 days, and IGG 10+ days after. Results for this test come back 12-24 hours after it reaches the lab.


The second test is a saliva test for COVID-19. You will provide saliva in a tube then package it and send it out. This test is a virus test, so it tests only for active infection. Results for this test come back 24 to 48 hours after it reaches the lab (the kit comes with an overnight shipping envelope).


The first antibody test checks for active infection and prior exposure (and it doesn't differentiate), so if you test positive, you should do a virus test to determine if you are contagious/sick. This antibody test is a bit different than others on the market, because others only test the IGM and IGG, so the detection period is faster for this test than those that don't test IGA.


Unless you have tested positive before, you should probably start with the antibody test. There are a few reasons for this: 

1. About 97% of the people currently doing the virus test will test negative (therefore, they don't need it);

2. The antibody test is less expensive than the virus test; and 

3. The virus tests can have a longer turn-around time because the lab is limited as to how many can be performed in one day--it is a more time-consuming process than the antibody screening, and it requires more specialized equipment.


Both tests will require the person tested to register his/her test with the lab and with Worker Care. While we would get results, the lab will also directly notify the tested person. In case of a positive (reactive) result, there will be a medical team ready to provide instruction and counseling regarding what that means and next steps. 


Both types--blood and saliva--have great statistics for accuracy. Because the saliva especially is less technical than a nasopharyngeal swab, it's safer and altogether easier to perform, so there's less room for error.


Call us at 509-575-2949 to place an appointment for one of these testing options. 


We are excited to provide these testing options to help keep you and your employees safe during this challenging time. We look forward to continue serving you in any way we can.

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