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As a patient, we realize there is a pretty good chance you don’t know the difference between an MD, a PA and an ARNP. (Don’t feel bad; we occasionally have a hard time with all the acronyms too.)   At Worker Care, we employ more Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) than doctors (MDs) or Physician Assistants (PAs), so we thought we ought to explain why.

While ARNPs are still considered to be the “new kid on the block,” their unique training and perspectives provide an excellent addition to medical teams. The graphic below should give you a little insight into why our ARNPs are extremely well qualified to manage your healthcare decisions, and why Worker Care relies so heavily on their expertise.



Because ARNPs must be Registered Nurses (RNs) first, even the ones with new ARNP licenses usually come to us with several years of medical expertise. Their experience as RNs also generally gives them a stronger patient care-oriented perspective. We are proud to offer excellent ARNPs who are always there to listen and help in any way they can.

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