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About Us

The epic story of Worker Care

Once Upon a Time… In a land pretty close to where we are now:

There was a doctor named Dr. Ted who worked in the occupational medicine department of a big ORGANIZATION. This ORGANIZATION had recently changed hands, and the people in charge were changing too. Dr. Ted saw his chance! He went to leadership and shared his ideas for how to improve the department, offering better and more effective services. The ORGANIZATION said, “Nope. We like it just the way it is. In fact, we probably need to control it more and pull some resources.”


This news could have left Dr. Ted disheartened and duly chastened. Instead, Dr. Ted thought to himself, “I’ve got good ideas. I should do this on my own.” And with this epiphany, a plan was hatched to create a better, stronger, faster occupational medicine clinic. Forming alliances with a band of intrepid rebels, Dr. Ted opened the doors to Yakima Worker Care on November 3, 2003. 

The clinic quickly grew to the point that it was clear that Dr. Ted needed to recruit more people and open another clinic in Sunnyside less than a year later.


As the clinics grew, Dr. Ted and his group were faced with challenges from new competitors and fluctuating markets. Nevertheless, Dr. Ted soldiered on, looking to conquer the occupational world in the neighboring land of Tri-Cities. In 2007, he established a clinic in Pasco, hiring additional staff, creating new alliances and working to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Pasco.


The clinics continued to grow and find their places in their communities, and Dr. Ted realized another change was coming. He thought about life, the universe and everything, and came to the conclusion that at some point, he may have to plan his retirement and what to do with Yakima Worker Care. But when? How?


He entertained offers from big ORGANIZATIONS and other outsiders whose ideals didn’t match those of the clinic. What… would… happen?


And then, Dr. Ted said to himself, “I can sell this to people I already know and trust, and who have competently proven their understanding of the business!” And with this epiphany, Dr. Ted approached two employees: Julie, the CEO (and his daughter), and Cari, a medical provider. And they said “Yes, we will buy the business from you.”

In 2014, the documents were signed, establishing the transition of power from one to three, as Dr. Ted would remain a silent partner while settling into retirement. 


As the group of three owners began to navigate this partnership, life continued to be life, and the owners started looking seriously at the continued need for a clinic in Pasco. Seeing that there were plenty of medical resources, but difficulty maintaining consistent staffing in the area, the owners made the bittersweet decision to refocus their energy where it was needed: Yakima Valley. Although the owners left some good friends behind in the land of Tri-Cities, they were comforted by the availability of resources in the area and the knowledge that good care can be found in this land.


Over time, Yakima Worker Care has become known as Worker Care. Julie, Cari and Dr. Ted have further cemented their commitment to finding high-quality, great staff and providing great service to their customers and patients. They even established a small clinic space in Toppenish for patients from Toppenish and the surrounding lands (Wapato, Zillah, Buena, White Swan, Harrah, etc.) to help maintain a consistent presence in spite of the fluctuating availability of other clinics in the area.


Julie, Cari and Dr. Ted are proud to say that even through the pandemic, Worker Care has remained open, helping keep workers and employers in the Yakima Valley at their best working condition.


Worker Care: Health, Positivity and the Compassionate Way 

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