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Can you hear me now?

Do you know how many workers protect their hearing at work? Well...It is reported that more than 50 percent of noise-exposed workers have reported not wearing hearing protection, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. That is way more than it should be! Also, in addition, an estimated 10 million workers are at risk of exposure to ototoxic chemicals that can damage hearing. Say what?

In workplaces with noise exposure hazards that cannot be reduced to safe levels with engineering or administrative controls, OSHA requires these employers to establish a hearing conservation program that includes hearing tests to establish a baseline and repeat testing to measure potential hearing loss over time.

The great news is that we provide these hearing tests at our Yakima clinic. We have a sound-proof booth along with certified hearing technicians (CAOHC). It is important for employers to identify hearing loss in their employees as early as possible and initiate protective follow-up measures before hearing loss progresses. In some cases, this includes annual audiology testing for all employees and when an employee experiences symptoms of hearing loss.

We care about your employees hearing. If you wish to make sure your employees' hearing health is doing well, even if you're not part of a mandatory hearing conservation program, we can certainly help you with this testing as well.

Call us at 509-575-3677 to book a hearing test today!

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