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Worker Care VS Emergency Room VS Urgent Care?

A work injury is bound to happen at some point...But what qualifies as an actual trip to the Hospital? Sadly hospitals are getting overrun with injuries that can easily be treated at a medical location other than the ER. Below we created a list of injury scenarios along with where and when to go to help define what qualifies as an ER visit when hurt on the job. Where to go when ScenarioWorker CareUrgent Care ER

When a work injury occurs the first thing to do is analyze how bad the injury is. If the injury is non-life threatening, then skip the hospital and call or stop in and see us. Even if you have a wound that requires stitches, we can treat that too!

It's important to help keep the emergency room open and available for those who really need it. As always Worker Care is here and happy to assist you with any non-life threatening work injury that you or your employees might have, no appointment necessary!

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