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L&I launches Return to Work Toolkit for Washington employers

Wondering why a return to work toolkit is necessary? For us at Worker Care, If we have the job description or a job analysis done by a vocational counselor, loss mitigation specialist, or safety manager, we can more easily tell if the individual can go back to their job of injury (JOI). We recommend that employers have job descriptions for light duty work available even before people get hurt. That way if the patient comes in with these descriptions, we can immediately send them to work in a position that is a good fit. Having these descriptions done in a consistent format, like using the templates provided by L&I, helps us quickly determine whether this fits the injured worker's current needs and limitations. The sooner we get these descriptions, the sooner we get that individual back to work. Here are three things you can do:

Download the Return to Work Toolkit or order a free print copy by mail:

Sign up for a webinar to learn more about L&I’s return-to-work incentive programs:

Email L&I’s Early Return to Work team at to request assistance creating a return-to-work program and a light-duty job bank for your company.

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