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Don't lift it, roll with it!

Did you know on average more than 1 million workers suffer a back injury every year on the job. Mind blowing right? Not only is this number shocking but the sad truth is a lot of these injuries can be avoided by using other methods of lifting. Manually lifting and carrying items are the most common causes of back injuries. Most lift injures are not caused right away, it's the continual strain on the body from frequent lifting that eventually takes a toll. Over time, these repetitive actions can contribute to reduced work quality and productivity so that even low-weight lifts repeated enough times can cause fatigue, injury and pain. A newly-injured employee may say, “I’ve been lifting that 35-pound item for 10 years and never had a problem,” and that’s exactly the point. Every lift eliminated through automation, good work design, rolling carts and other controls will help keep workers from injuring themselves.

Remembering to educate your employees to use the tools you have at your disposal-a dolly, hand truck, utility cart. Check out these safety-meeting talking points to get your ideas rolling along with using tools and implementing practices that avoid both repetitive lifting and occasional heavy lifts can keep your employees working longer without injury.

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