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Updated monocular vision standards for CDL drivers:

For drivers who have monocular vision (defined as only one eye worse than 20/40 and/or with peripheral vision of less than 70 degrees), the qualification process for your medical exam has become a little faster. Before March 22, 2022, those with monocular vision had to apply through the FMCSA for a medical waiver. After this date, however, the waiver will no longer be needed. As of now, in order to qualify as a CDL driver, previous waiver holders and new applicants must have their ophthalmologist or optometrist fill out form MCSA-5871 (Vision Evaluation Report), available here: and soon to be on our site at This should make the process faster to get you on the road! A few things to note about this updated standard:
  • The form MCSA-5871 must be filled out before (but no more than 45 days before) your physical exam;

  • If you used a WAIVER to obtain your current medical certificate, you will not be able to renew using the waiver. In addition, current medical certificates with waivers will automatically become invalid as of March 22, 2023, even if your certificate is for longer than that.

  • All medical certificates that require MCSA-5871 are only good for up to one year from the exam.

  • If you qualify for the medical certificate using MCSA-5871 (and have never utilized the waiver/other qualifier), you must have a driving test. It is the driver's/employer's/commercial carrier's responsibility to make sure this is done.

For more information about this new standard, please watch the video by the FMCSA here: Remember, drivers who take medications, have had recent surgery, CPAPs, cardiac issues, diabetes, and now monocular vision, have to do their homework before they come in for their physical exams! Some paperwork is available on our website at, but give us a call if you need any help.

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