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Hearing Protection

Ensuring the use of hearing protection in the work environment is key to safeguarding employees' long-term health and well-being. Exposure to loud noise levels over time can lead to irreversible hearing damage, making it crucial for employers to prioritize the implementation of protective measures.

The NHCA (National Hearing Conservation Association) has come out with new educational videos sharing real stories of individuals who have suffered hearing loss and how this has changed their quality of life. A good rule of thumb for when it’s time to use hearing protection is when you would have to raise your voice to be heard or understood and you’re within 3 feet away from the intended audience.

It's imperative to recognize that most instances of hearing loss are preventable, particularly those stemming from noise-related causes. By equipping workers with the appropriate hearing protection devices and enforcing their usage in noisy environments, employers can significantly reduce the risk of occupational hearing loss. Additionally, fostering a culture of awareness and education surrounding hearing health can empower employees to take proactive measures in preserving their hearing for the long term.

All of us at Worker Care find the hearing health of your employees essential. Upon appointment, we can perform a hearing screening in Sunnyside and Yakima. Such initiatives not only promote a safer work environment but also reinforce the dedication to the overall health and welfare of your workforce.

Contact us at 509-575-3677 to book your hearing screening!

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