Our course is inexpensive and simple compared to most others listed on the NRCME website. We have purposely made this course relatively inexpensive in appreciation for the training cost burden that has to be absorbed by practitioners and clinic organizations during the current difficult economic conditions we face both in medical practice and in our country.

We will be available to answer questions as needed, and we would love to get to know those participating in the training.

Because this is a self-guided course, you may start at any time. We do ask that you attend one of the live conferences after you have reviewed the study packet.  Click here to see when the next live conference is coming up.

Yes. This course is accredited by the AANP (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). However, according to the NRCME, Complete Guide to Medical Examiner Certification,“The medical examiner can attend a training program accredited by any medical profession accrediting organization (i.e. a physician can complete a training program accredited by a nurse practitioner accrediting organization)”

Because the course is home study, we want to give you an opportunity to ask questions and hear tips about the test “face to face.” We will try to accommodate your scheduling needs by offering the conference calls at least monthly and at different times of day and different days of the week. For a list of scheduled times and dates, please check the “Upcoming trainings” page. Registered participants will be given a code and phone number before the conference call

Any provider wishing to become a Certified Medical Examiner will need to register on the NRCME websiteYou will be assigned a number when you sign up on their site. We will be using this number as a “student ID” for this class.

No, we are not a listed testing site. To find a testing site near you, search here. Currently, there are only two organizations that offer testing. They are:

(800) 733-9267

(800) 947-4228