Some Worker Care FAQs

We get a lot of questions about what we do and how we’re different than all the other occupational medicine clinics out there, so we thought we’d take a moment to clear some things up. At Worker Care, we understand the importance of keeping your employees at their most productive, ...

Occupational Health!

Everyone has heard the term occupational medicine. But here at Worker Care, we’re dedicated to offering occupational health, not just the medicine. We take the time to connect with our patients, making sure they are not only getting the proper care, but also ensuring they are working in a safe ...

Need injured worker care?

Worker Care is the place to go for on the job injury care.  We have 3 clinics in Central Washington (Yakima, Sunnyside and Pasco areas) and 9 providers ready to see walk-in new injuries.  Our commitment is to give the highest quality medical care possible and to do our best ...

Brave New DOT World!

If you have trucks or work with people with trucks, you probably know that there is a new requirement that medical examiners must be certified through the FMCSA to give Commercial Driver medical exams by May 21, 2014. At Worker Care, we are prepared! Not only do we have certified ...

Pasco Fax Number Update

Great news! We have a permanent fax number for Pasco Worker Care! Actually two: 509-545-3044 and 509-545-0960. Please be patient with us as we get our paperwork updated. Thanks!

DOT Driver in Washington State?

If you are a Washington State DOT driver, please be aware that you must give the Department of Licensing proof of your medical certification so that the DOL does not revoke your CDL. We do not report exam results to the State!

DOT Medical Examiners Update

Yes! We have certified DOT examiners! All our providers have completed their training. Four have taken the test so far, and all have passed! All will have taken and passed their certification tests by May 21, the cutoff date!