Tips for Managing Summertime Stress

For some of us, summer is the most stressful time of the year. Kids are out of school, relatives are visiting, the temperatures outside are rising, and co-workers are taking vacations leaving you to pick up the slack around the office. With everything going on around you this summer, try these tips to help manage your stress.

  1. Breathe in, breathe out.

When the body is stressed it goes through many different emotions including the “fight or flight” response. This might help if you were in actual danger, but does very little good when you are feeling stressed at work. The best way to calm the body down is to breathe! Taking long, deep breaths tells the brain that you are not in a threating situation and to turn off that “fight of flight” defense. This way you can think more rationally, bring down your heart rate, and reduce your stress.

  1. Enjoy some fresh air!

Sitting at a desk all day can make anyone stressed. Step away from the computer and get a breath of fresh air. Just a few minutes outside can make that lost email not seem like such a big deal. Sunlight increases the body’s serotonin levels, naturally making us happier people. Just because you are hard at work doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to enjoy the sun!

  1. Take care of the tough stuff.

Many of us stress over those things we have been putting off day after day even though the upcoming deadline is right around the corner. A quick and easy way to reduce this stress is to tackle the task once and for all. Getting to work and checking that monster project off of your list will free up more time for other less intimidating tasks and create a much less stressful week.

  1. A clean workstation is a happy workstation.

When your workstation is cluttered and unorganized, your mind can begin to get cluttered and unorganized as well. Start by recycling or shredding anything you don’t need. Next, place all the items you frequently use in easy to reach places. By staying tidy, you will be able to find those important documents at a moments notice! You will also be able to have more room to spread out and get work done.

  1. Bring the outdoors, indoors!

When the weather is nice and outdoor activities are all the rage, it can be hard to sit in your office. If you are getting stir crazy, why not bring the outdoors, inside? Studies show that workers with plants on their desk or near by their workstations are less stressed, have quicker reaction times and feel more alert throughout the day.

  1. Psych Services:

Feeling stress doesn’t just come from what is happening around you. You can also feel stress after suffering from an on the job injury. The physical pain can take a toll on you causing the mental healing process to be difficult as well. That is why Worker Care provides Psych Services to help you heal from any injury quickly and happily.

For those of that associate summer with stress, take use of these handy tips and always keep Worker Care in mind for your work related medical needs.

For more information on how Psych Services can help you, click here.