The Importance of Hydration

With summer here and the weather heating up, Worker Care wants to take a moment to discuss a critical part of staying safe in the workplace: hydration. Believe it or not, simply keeping your employees hydrated means your workplace will be happier, healthier and more productive.

We know it can be tough to stay hydrated at work. Even if your job keeps you behind a desk, it’s easy to skip the water and grab a soda to help you make it through the day. But in reality, you’re probably dehydrated already, and that’s part of what’s making you tired. Here are a few examples of how important proper hydration is:


It’s no secret that not drinking enough water can have a negative impact on your health. Even setting aside long term health effects like kidney damage and seizures, dehydration can cause more immediate problems like headaches, fatigue, joint pain, inability to concentrate, nausea, vomiting, and memory loss. Obviously, suffering from any of these symptoms is going to make for an unpleasant workday.


Not drinking enough water isn’t just bad for health; it can affect behavior as well. Studies have shown that even slight levels of dehydration can have a negative impact on people’s mood. People who are feeling irritable are less likely to get along with co-workers or get their work done, and probably won’t want to even be at work in the first place. So when employees have access to plenty of water, it can drastically improve people’s moods and make work a more pleasant environment to be in.


The office water cooler has always had a reputation for being where employees go to gossip and waste time. But truthfully, statistics show that offices with water coolers get more work done than those without one. Your employees are less likely to be dehydrated when there’s cool, fresh water readily available. Also, your staff is less likely to reach for sugary drinks when they have easy access to fresh tasting water.

As an employer, you should be doing all you can to promote drinking enough water throughout the day. Employees who take steps to stay hydrated will not only improve the quality of their work, but also the quality of their lives outside of work. So take our advice and help improve your employee’s hydration, before you need to bring them into Worker Care!