How to Survive Holiday Stress

It’s easy to get lost in info-overload this time of the year. Between end-of-the-year workplace obligations and the craziness of the holiday season, it’s no wonder people tend to feel more stressed during the winter. Luckily there are a few simple strategies you can employ to help alleviate holiday and workplace stress.



Sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget and we sometimes need reminders. Try putting a post-it note with the word “Breathe” right on your computer screen. Take three deep breaths, then release them slowly and hold out the last breath for a few seconds. You’ll be surprised how energizing it can be, and it also helps calm your nerves.



We tend to overextend ourselves during the holiday. There’s often a desire to do that last minute report, answer those last few e-mails or squeeze one more meeting into the afternoon. Ask yourself, “Can it wait?” If it’s not life and death, or you won’t lose your job, prioritize your tasks so you can maximize your efficiency without overloading yourself.



There’s a lot of excess running around and stress related tension in the simple daily activity in the office. The holidays can send you right over the top. Whether its meditation or exercise, figure out a way to wind down. Take a walk away from the cubicle. When you build a warehouse of stillness within, you can call upon that calm in the midst of chaos.



Exercise reduces stress and helps burn calories, in addition to helping distract your mind. Go caroling to other offices, take a field trip and go sledding, participate in a holiday charity walk, hold a dance competition. Anything that gets you active and out of the routine of sitting will help.



By that we mean WATER, not booze. Drinking water reduces stress and promotes weight loss. Replacing your soda, lattes and eggnog with water helps your body rehydrate and actually keeps you energized longer than a sugary drink will.


Making conscious choices on how you will divide your time between work and personal life is not easy to do this time of year, so if you find yourself on the brink of despair, give Worker Care a call.  We’ll try to help you get back in the holiday spirit!

And Merry Christmas to everyone, from all of us at Worker Care! Here’s hoping your holiday season is merry, bright and safe!

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