Spring Cleaning Safety in the Workplace

Aahhh spring.  That wonderful time of year when allergies kick up, it’s warm during the day but still cold at night, and every single one of us starts thinking about the annual ritual known as “spring cleaning.”  After all, spring is the perfect time of year to reach into the less frequented corners of your facility to eliminate dust and grime. This is also a great opportunity to assess your current safety situation and remove hazards from your workplace.

In order to help you make the most of your spring cleaning, we have put together a few good areas to cover so you can better map out your strategy for tackling this year’s cleaning projects.



Whether it’s your office desk or the warehouse floor, having a cluttered work area makes it difficult to locate items, not to mention getting your job done. In addition, clutter can heighten the risk of slips and falls as well as increase fire hazards. To curb these risks, execute a major purge and discard any unnecessary items, remove anything blocking exits to eliminate tripping hazards, and check all perishable items and properly dispose of any out-of-date materials.



Improper use of chemicals can lead to all sorts of problems, like hazardous skin exposures, inhalation of toxic fumes, or increased fire danger. When you’re working with or organizing hazardous substances, refer to the appropriate material data sheets for proper storage techniques so everything remains safe during your spring cleaning. And avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near any heat sources while spring cleaning is underway.



All employees – new and old – should be well acquainted with housekeeping protocols. Failure to provide proper training can initiate dangerous trends and result in expensive fines. Schedule periodic training and re-training sessions instead of one-time training sessions. One-time sessions are rarely well-retained by employees, nor are they completely effective. And ongoing training online can be an effective way to keep you employees up-to-date, without having to hire a facilitator or impact your team’s working hours.



A spring cleaning session is a well-timed opportunity to restock your first-aid kits. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) clearly states that organizations should be well-equipped with first-aid kits in order to fulfill basic safety requirements.These items are essential and invaluable when dealing with any accidents or injuries at your workplace.



If you or your employees use respirators, spring is the perfect time to schedule a mask fitting test with Worker Care. We’ll make sure your employees are properly utilizing their breathing apparatus, and ensure that they know how to properly care for their equipment.


No matter what industry you work in, your facility could likely use a bit of annual TLC. By taking the time to make a spring cleaning plan with your team, you’ll ensure the safety of everyone and set yourself up for a successful year.

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