Occupational Health!

Everyone has heard the term occupational medicine. But here at Worker Care, we’re dedicated to offering occupational health, not just the medicine. We take the time to connect with our patients, making sure they are not only getting the proper care, but also ensuring they are working in a safe and responsible manner.

We want to make sure your employees are not only making smart and responsible choices while on the job, but also working in a safe environment. We always take the time to discover the cause of your employee’s injury or illness, and can help them determine if they can make improvements to how they perform their job, so they can work towards preventing injury and absence.

Taking measures, even outside of the workplace, can help your employees decrease their chances of a workplace injury. In fact, a strong, healthy body can help protect your employees from injuries on the job. We always try to have a conversation about our client’s lifestyles, offering suggestions for improving their general well being, such as:

– Eating healthy

– Getting active

– Watching weight

If you’d like more information about how we can assist with your employee’s safety, please give us a call anytime!


And in our never-ending pursuit of offering the best care to our clients, we are pleased to announce that we have added Melanie Brown to our Pasco Worker care staff, where she will serve as the Office Manager. She comes to the job with extensive healthcare management experience. We are experiencing wonderful growth in our Tri-Cities practice, and we are excited to welcome Melanie on board.

In other developments, our esteemed founder, Dr. Ted Palmatier, has semi-retired and is functioning in a practice-consulting role, providing MRO services for our urine drug screen program and overall quality assurance. Julie Palmandez, our General Manager and Cari Cowin, our Medical Director, have stepped up as co-owners.