Getting Prompt & Proper Care

The most important issue in any workplace injury is the health and well being of the injured employee.  That means the most important step after an injury is to get treatment as soon as possible.

Worker Care wants to make sure you and your employees get the best care possible, so we’ve put together some simple tips and advice in case you experience a workplace injury:

Make sure your provider is aware of any medical history or pre-existing conditions you may have.  This can help your provider determine whether your workplace aggravated your condition, or possibly caused your injury.

If you sustain a life-threatening injury, go to the emergency room!  But as soon as you’re well enough to be released from the hospital, that’s when you need to schedule an appointment with us, so we can put together a plan to get you back to work.

If you sustain a minor injury or illness, but notice you don’t seem to be getting any better after a few days, come see us.  Also, if you start to notice new symptoms developing, make sure to schedule an appointment with us.

When you do come in to see us with a claim, it’s extremely important to note every body part that has been affected by the injury.  It can sometimes be very difficult to add a diagnosis or affected body part after a claim has been made, so please make sure you fill out any paperwork as completely as possible.

The goal of everything we do is getting you back to work as quickly and safely as possible.  After an injury, it’s possible you won’t be able to return to work right away, or that you may have to work in a modified position or for less hours.  We’ll work with you, your employer and the insurance company to come up with a plan that gets you working in whatever capacity you’re able to.   We want you to be able to continue with your routine as much as you can, while we work to get you healthy and back to full strength.

We know these only scratch the surface of the questions you might have after an injury, so never hesitate to contact us.  We always want to make sure you stay informed every step of the way while we get you on the road to recovery!