Fall Workplace Safety Tips!

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, change is in the air. As temperatures cool and days grow shorter, Worker Care wants to make sure you’re paying attention to workplace safety a little closer. Here are a few simple tips on how to stay safe at work this coming fall:

The days are shorter.

Soon, waking up with the sun shining through the windows will slip away. Getting to work when it’s still dark outside can make for a dreary, half-asleep morning. When you work with your head still in dreamland, accidents are more likely to happen. Although it’s staying dark later and getting dark earlier, it’s important to remain alert and vigilant at work. Things like stretching, staying hydrated and getting up from your desk to move around regularly can help keep your mind sharp.

You’re getting bundled up.

Now that the weather is cooling off, layers are coming on! It’s important to make sure that while you stay warm, you also stay safe. Things like long scarves and over-sized hoodies can get caught on equipment or furniture, which can lead to terrible accidents. Make sure that your layers are close fitting and don’t have any parts dangling off that can get tangled up.

It might be slippery out there.

With cooler temperatures can come unexpected slippery streets, sidewalks, and if you work outdoors, a slippery work place in general. Even though it’s not the dead of winter, there can still be freezing temperatures at night that leave lingering icy spots in the morning. Wearing the proper shoes and staying observant can help prevent slips and falls that can lead to painful injuries.

So you got injured, now what?

Sometimes, accidents just happen! That’s where Worker Care comes in. For new injuries, there is no appointment necessary, which means you can head straight to your nearest Worker Care clinic for top-of-the-line treatment. Injuries can include anything from cuts, burns and sprains to broken bones, chemical irritations or puncture wounds. Injuries to any body part can be seen and treated at Worker Care!
As the seasons change, so should your safety regimen, so keep up-to-date on Worker Care’s services, resources and blog at workercareclinic.com