Don’t Wait in Line For Health Care

When you get hurt on the job, your first instinct is probably to go to the emergency room (ER).  Unfortunately, this might not be the best option to get you healed and back to work quickly. While the ER has many advantages, there are a lot of pitfalls if you’ve been injured on the job:

  • ER costs tend to be higher for the same services that Worker Care provides.
  • You won’t see the same provider if you go to the ER twice.  You will have to reintroduce yourself to new providers, and re-establish your health history with them.
  • Many ER’s will only send you to their own occupational medicine clinic, even if you have to wait for a long time. There are some clinics that don’t give appointments to their L&I patients, and will force them to wait until all of their primary care patients are seen first.
  • A lot of injured workers who go to the emergency room have been told they can’t return to work until they see their primary care provider, which is not always true. If the injury is minor enough or can be treated properly, Worker Care can often get you back to work much more quickly, rather than wasting time with unnecessary appointments.

If you’ve been injured on the job, Worker Care can be the perfect alternative to the ER.  Here at Worker Care, you get an appointment, not a place in line. That means if you’re injured and contact us for an appointment, you’ll be seen when you’re scheduled, not hours or days later. We also provide many of the same services as the hospital, at a much lower cost. And you will always see the same provider, which means your health history is well known. Finally, treating injured workers is our only job; we’re not a family clinic that occasionally handles L&I claims, or an overworked ER doctor that just wants to treat you fast and get you out the door. Treating injured workers is all that we do, day in and day out.

One thing to note: If you have been seriously injured and are in a life-threatening situation, you need go to the emergency room.  We are equipped to handle a variety of injuries and ailments, but Worker Care is not a trauma center, and if your life is in danger you need to be seen at the emergency department. But if your injury is non-life threatening, Worker Care is ready to help, with convenient locations and lots of appointment times. And since we work closely with all of our local emergency departments, it’s important that you call as soon as possible to make an appointment if the ER sends you to Worker Care for a follow-up. We want to make sure we’re providing you with the same great care you received at the ER.

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