Accident Prevention Tips

accident  (ak-si-duh-nt) – noun – “an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance.”

In 2013, there were over 3 million recorded cases of nonfatal injuries or illnesses in the private industry. 30 percent of those cases involved an employee having to take time away from work (

There are no statistics on how many of these injuries were preventable, but it’s a pretty safe bet the majority of them could have been prevented through better workplace safety and awareness. Every workplace is very different, but we think the following easy-to-follow guidelines are important, no matter if you work in an office, a hospital or a factory.

Always wear the proper attire.

Nearly every job requires some form of a dress code. Whether that’s hard hats and protective gear, or simply wearing the right kind of shoes, having the proper equipment can be the difference between a safe workday and an on-the-job injury.

Always ask your supervisor about the possible risks of doing a certain task.

There are workers who are exposed to danger just by doing their regular job everyday.  But a worker should always check with a supervisor if they’re unsure about the task at hand, or if they feel that doing that task will expose them to danger.

Never take a high-risk job for which you have not been trained.

You should never take on a high-risk job, especially if you’ve never been trained for the job. Doing this will not only expose you to a great danger but can potentially expose other people to danger as well.

<h4.Always follow the safety program of your workplace

Employers are responsible for the well being of their workers while on the job. Most companies have installed safety programs, designed to help their employees avoid an accident at work. If you’re not familiar with your company’s safety guidelines, make sure and follow up with your management team.

Always be on the lookout for possible cause of accidents and report them.

If you see the signs of a possible cause of an accident at work, whether it’s just a broken tool or another employee working in an unsafe manner, you should report it to the proper authority as soon as possible.  Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Employers should always post signs or rules, warning of dangerous work areas or maintenance issues.

Never risk the health and safety of your fellow employees.

Profit may be the main motivation of any company, but they should earn their keep without exposing their workers to hazard.  Company owners should always prioritize the health and safety of their workers no matter what.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, both the employee and employer. By working together, communicating effectively and maintaining a safe work environment, everyone can work toward preventing workplace accidents. But if you do get hurt, come visit us here at Worker Care so we can get you healthy and back to work!